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PROPrint 501AR Air Release

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Avery® V2000 Reflective

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Siser® Aurora HTV

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Print Vinyl Cross-Brand Reference

Print Vinyl Cross-Brand Reference

Are you having trouble finding your preferred printable vinyl? 


I think we all are.


Here's a quick guide for shopping across brands. Browse comparable products from 3M, Arlon, Mactac, Avery Dennison, and Orafol.


One thing to watch out for, though. The products on the last two rows, Window Graphics - Clear Removable and Wall Film - Matte Removable, have wildly different specs. Some films are for cheap, short-term applications. Some are very expensive for premium, long-term applications.


Purpose 3M logo transp.png arlon-logo.png Mactac_Logo.png
Vehicle Wrap  Controltac IJ380CV3 with Comply /
Print Wrap Film IJ180mC

SLX+ / SLX Cast Wrap

IMAGin Bfree Gruv 10 Years /
IMAGin Bfree Gruv 9 Years
MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS Orajet 3951RA+ ProSlide /
Orajet 3751RA+ ProSlide
Reflective Vehicle Wrap  & Graphics  Scotchlite Print Wrap Film 780mC IllumiNITE Wrap / DPF 2400XLP V4000 / V4000 Easy Apply Oralite 5600RA
Brick/Concrete Wrap  Scotchcal IJ8624 DPF 6700 / DPF 8200X IMAGin RoughRAP /
IMAGin StreetRAP
MPI 1405 Easy Apply RS Orajet 3954
High Tack Wrap  Controltac IJ180mC-10LSE MPI 1106 Hi Tack Orajet 3951HT
Vehicle Graphics / 
Flat Wrap 
Controltac 40C /IJ3552C Fusion Wrap / DPF 4600LX IMAGin Bfree Gruv 7 Years MPI 2105 Easy Apply & RS Orajet 3551RA
High Tack - Intermediate 

Scotchcal IJ39

DPF 8200X / DPF 8000 Ultra Tack IMAGin JT5828HTO MPI 2126 Hi Tack Orajet 3105HT
General Purpose - 
5-6 Year - Air Release 
Scotchcal IJ35C DPF 4500LX IMAGin Bfree Gruv 5 Years MPI 2903/2921/2923 Easy Apply Orajet 3651RA / Orajet 3165RA
General Purpose - 
5-6 Year 
Scotchcal IJ35 DPF 4500 IMAGin PrintVinyl (5 Year) MPI 2900 series (MPI 2903) Orajet 3651 / Orajet 3165
General Purpose - 
3-4 Year 
DPF 4300 IMAGin Bfree Gruv 4 Year /
IMAGin PrintVinyl (3 Year)
MPI 3300 series (MPI 3303) Orajet 3641 / Orajet 3621
Translucent/Backlit  Scotchcal IJ3630-20 /
Scotchcal IJ63-20
DPF 6500 IMAGin JT5728P MPI 2050 Translucent Orajet 3850 Translucent
Window Perf 

Scotchcal 8170 / Scotchcal IJ67

DPF 45WF / DPF 47WF IMAGin WindowVIEW WP139 MPI 2528 / MPI 2728 Orajet 3675/3676
Window Graphics - 
Clear Removable 
Scotchcal IJ8150 / IJ61 DPF 6000RP / DPF 50WD Clear IMAGin Simply Sustainable Crystal Cling MPI 2077 / MPI 1060 (permanent) Orajet 3952F / Orajet 3620
Wall Film - 
Matte Removable 
Scotchcal IJ3555 DPF 510 Removable /
DPF 4200 (Permanent)
MPI 2611 / MPI 2630/2631 Orajet 3628 / Orajet 3268


For a detailed explanation of the Orafol line of solvent printable vinyl, check out our Orajet 2020 Cheat Sheet post.