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Vehicle Wrap - How Much Do I Need?

Vehicle Wrap - How Much Do I Need?

As spring arrives, customers get excited about modifications and upgrades. Learning to wrap is not for the faint of heart. It's hard. Professional wraps look professional and are priced accordingly for a reason.


However, learning new skills can boost your business. It can keep you adaptable in an ever-changing industry. But one question always pops up.


How much wrap vinyl do I need?


The only way to find a true answer involves a measuring tape, a calculator, and your little grey cells. Plus 10% extra for overlap and errors. In the mean time, here's a rough guide.



Motorbikes and ATV's

3 yards


Convertibles and small coupes

13 yards


Coupes and small passenger cars

15 yards


Sedans and large coupes

17 yards


SUV's, large luxury sedans, and pickups

17 - 25 yards


Trucks, trailers, and vans

17 - 35 yards


Large trucks, buses, and boats

35 - 100 yards