Oralite 5061 Overlay
  • Oralite 5061 Overlay
  • Oralite 5061 #020 Yellow

Oralite® 5061 Overlay

  • Designed for reflective applications
  • 6 transparent colours
  • Up to 12 year durability
  • 3 mil

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Oralite® 5061 Transparent Overlay Film overlays white reflective vinyl to produce long-term, coloured reflective traffic control, guidance, warning, and information signage. Formulated for light-sensitive transparency, this film retains the photometric ASTM D 4956 specifications of the underlying reflective product. Oralite® 5061 is recommended for use with Oralite® 5900 and Oralite® 7900 reflective sheeting

Technical Data Sheet


Data sheet

Outdoor Durability Up to 12 years
Thickness 3 mil
Adhesive Details Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, transparent
Adhesive Removability Permanent
Release Liner 4-mil, polyester film, silicone coated on one side, reverse treated
Recom. Applications Long-term outdoor applications such as letterings, markings, and symbols on traffic control, guidance, warning, and information signs.
Available Widths (in inches) 24, 48
Colour(s) and Finish 6 transparent colours | Gloss
Conformability Flat surfaces

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