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Transfer Tape - A Product Overview

Transfer Tape - A Product Overview

Mask, premask, transfer tape, every sign maker and vinyl crafter will use it at some point. But, what tape do you use for what project? If you have been at this a while, you will probably have your favourite brand and level of tack. You may take on a project at some point though, that would benefit from a different mask than you normally use. Or, maybe you are entirely new to vinyl and just need some tips on what will work for the type of applications you plan to do. 


Well, search no further. Express Sign Products carries a variety of masks that will meet the requirements of any project you take on.





Both TacMaster Medium Tack and TacMaster High Tack tapes are best selling paper tapes. The medium tack is great for medium to large cut and printed vinyls, whereas the high tack will work better for small to medium applications. If you are using a matte finish or high tack vinyl, the high tack tape will be a better help for lifting the vinyl from its backing.





Protac is another popular brand, with an assortment of tapes suited to sign makers and at home crafters alike.


86 Medium-High Tack tape is best used for small to medium sized projects using cut vinyl, such as decals and graphics.


85 Economy High Tack tape is also best used for small to medium cut vinyl projects where you’re needing a bit more lift. And, as the name implies, it is a cost effective tape.


76 Low Tack option is excellent for large applications. With a bit more thickness, it will keep your large cuts and prints from flopping around too much, and its low tack helps with easy removal.


73 Grid & Liner High Tack is a clear tape with a printed grid. Best for small to medium applications, this tape will help you line up your vinyl perfectly. And, since it comes with a liner, the liner can be applied back to the tape allowing it to be reused in later projects.


73 Grid High Tack tape is the same as the Grid & Liner, just minus the liner. A good option if you don’t plan on reusing.


86 Grid Medium-High Tack is the same as the popular Medium-High tack just with a printed grid. An excellent option if you are trying to be more accurate with your vinyl placement.





Oratape is Orafol’s brand name transfer tape.


MT95 is a medium tack clear tape, best suited to cut vinyls. The transparency helps with getting things lined up just right.


HT55 is a high tack paper tape, and best suited to Oracal frosted vinyls and the 631 series wall vinyl.


MT80P is a PVC based clear medium tack tape with a grid. The grid is printed on the liner, instead of the tape itself, and can help with lining up overlapping vinyls prior to application.



R Tape


Clear Choice AT75 is a clear high tack tape designed to work with difficult to transfer vinyls like etched finishes or highly textured vinyl.


Clear Choice AT65 is a more standard clear high tack, useful for small to medium applications. It is also good for wet application.


Clear Choice AT60 is the low tack version of the previous tape. Best for medium to large applications, this tape is also excellent for wet application.


Conform 4775RLA is a high tack paper tape. Good for small to medium applications, this tape is also thicker than average, making it good for outdoor installations and less likely to flop around.


ApliTape 4000 is a low tack paper tape. Good for medium to large projects. It also works well as a protective mask on plastics.


GXF100 is a medium tack clear tape, good for medium to large installations.





Here we depart from the standard decal and large graphic vinyl masks and dive into the world of heat transfer vinyl (think of all those lovely t-shirt graphics you see on custom shirts).


EasyPSV is a medium tack clear tape with a grid, for accurate layout. Best used on glossy finished vinyls, it will still hold its ground with a matte finish. It also comes with a paper backing.


EasySubli Mask is a specialty mask. Designed specifically for Siser’s EasySubli vinyl, this mask’s only job is a quality application of sublimation designs.


TTD Easy Mask is a clear thermal transfer tape. It will work with all Siser heat transfer vinyls, but is slowly being phased out.


TTD High Tack Mask is the Easy Mask’s replacement. This clear heat transfer tape is reusable and works with all Siser heat transfer vinyls.



So, there you have it, an in-a-nutshell breakdown of Express Sign Products’ range of transfer tapes. With a great deal of cross over between brands and tackiness, everyone should be able to find their preferred mask for any project that comes your way.