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Reflective Cross Reference Chart

Reflective Cross Reference Chart

Traffic Reflective Vinyl Sheeting


Traffic reflective sheeting is used wherever there are roads and vehicles. Speed limit signs, stop signs, overhead direction signs, street name signs, even parking lot signs.


This reflective vinyl is rated by reflectivity – the amount of light returned to the viewer. Look for the ASTM D4956 specification. The Type number (in Roman numerals from I through XI) corresponds to reflectivity. With a few exceptions, the higher the number the greater the brightness.


Reflective vinyl sheeting for traffic signs is designed for long-term applications. Outdoor durability starts at 7 years and goes up from there. Unsurprisingly, this vinyl is suitable for flat surfaces only.


Traffic Reflective Cross Reference Chart

ASTM D 4956 Rating 3M logo Nikkalite logo Avery Dennison logo Oralite logo
Type I (Glass Bead) 3200 Engineer Grade EG 8100 Engineering Grade T-1500 Engineering Grade

5500 Engineering Grade

5400 Commercial Grade

Type I (Prismatic) 3430 Engineer Grade Prismatic - T-2500 Prismatic Engineering Grade 6700 Engineer Prismatic Grade
Type IV 3930 High Intensity Prismatic HIM 94000 High Intensity Micro-Prismatic T-6500 High Intensity Prismatic 5900 High Intensity Prismatic Grade
Type VIII - CRG 92000 Crystal Grade T-7500 Maximum Visual Performance -
Type IX 4090 Diamond Grade DG3 - T-9500 OmniView 7900 Wide Observation Angle Prismatic
Type XI 4090 Diamond Grade DG3 - T-11500 OmniCube 9900 Brilliant Grade


Film Pattern

3M reflective film pattern Nikkalite reflective film patter Avery Dennison reflective film patter Oralite reflective film pattern 1  Oralite reflective film pattern 2



Graphic Reflective Vinyl


Graphic reflective vinyl is rated by conformability and durability. Conformability ranges from flat surfaces to corrugations and curves. A few select films are capable of compound curves. Outdoor durability is broadly similar to conventional opaque vinyl films. Durability ratings range from 1 year to 7+ years.


Graphic reflective vinyl has a large range of applications, much larger than traffic reflectives. There is some overlap, as flat surface films can be used for non-critical direction signs and parking lots signs. It expands from there. Large format printed billboards, emergency markings, decals, letters. numbers, and general signage with extra nighttime pizzazz. Curved surface flexibility adds more options, particularly vehicle graphics. Decals, logos, striping, high visibility markings for utility and emergency vehicles, as well as partial or complete wraps.


Conformable prismatic reflective films deserve special notice. These films have significantly higher reflectivity than the glass beads of typical reflective films. They’re used exclusively on emergency service vehicles – police cars, fire trucks, ambulances – where visibility is key. Conformable is a bit of a stretch. Although much more flexible than traffic prismatic reflectives, they max out on simple curves. Sharp creases, deep recesses, and compound curves require gaps or cut lines, a process also known as templating.


Graphic Reflective Cross Reference Chart

Conformability 3M logo Nikkalite logo Avery Dennison logo Oralite logo
Flat Surfaces

Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film

5100R / IJ5100R

48000 Flexible Engineering Grade V2000 Beaded Reflective

5400 Commercial Grade

Curved Surfaces

Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film

680 / IJ680CR

Scotchlite Print Wrap Film 780mC

R8500 Fleet Marking Grade V4000 Premium Beaded Reflective

5600 / 5600RA / 5650RA

Fleet Engineer Grade (RapidAir)

Curved Surfaces


- - VisiFlex V8000 Prismatic Reflective

V98 Conformable Graphic Sheeting

V98 Pre-Striped Chevron