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Farewell Orajet 3751

Farewell Orajet 3751

Where did Orajet 3751 go?


As some of you may have noticed, getting your hands on Orajet 3751 printable wrapping cast vinyl has become increasingly difficult. Sadly, it will only get worse from here. Orafol has decided to pull the plug on their 3751 line up, both the 3751RA RapidAir and the 3751RA+ ProSlide.


The 3751 series filled a niche in Orafol’s range of printable wrap vinyls, slotting between 3551 and 3951. The 3751 series was conformable on par with the 3951 series. However, it had a bit shorter lifespan, making it more affordable. In the range of printables offered by Orafol the 3551 filled the gap between flat signage and vehicle wrap options, fitting perfectly as the go-to vinyl for dealing with simple rivets and ridges. Then came the 3751 as a full-on wrap vinyl, with a lifespan just 2 years shorter than the 3951. While the 3751 was a beloved offering, there were simply too many options filling gaps that were too small.


Where do we go from here? As already noted, Orafol has quite a selection of options in its higher end range. If you need to work with simple curves like doors, or the ridged and riveted sides of cube vans, Orajet 3551 is the way to go. It is an ultra-calendared vinyl living on the edge of cast vinyl capabilities. If you need to wrap a vehicle in all its complexity, go for Orajet 3951. It will handle any curve you can throw at it.  


So, as we say farewell to Orajet 3751, we thank her for the days saving a little money, even as we look forward to saving ourselves from option fatigue.

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