Rapid Tac II - Gallon
  • Rapid Tac II - Gallon
  • Rapid Tac II - Quart

Rapid Tac II

  • Decreases bond times
  • Formulated for cold temperature installations
  • Suitable for nearly every film type

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Change is good. Back in the day choosing a vinyl film was easy with basically two film types, cast, and calendered. Nowdays things are a little different. Sign and graphics professionals now have more types of vinyl films to choose from than ever, with more adhesive types as well. Rapid Tac II to work with a wider variety of films such as the economy calendered, intermediate calendered, high performance calendered, metallic, reflective, polyester, mylar, and other specialty films. Rapid Tac II promotes bonding faster than the original Rapid Tac application fluid and is ideal for cold weather and glass application. Rapid Tac II is not a replacement for the original Rapid Tac, and may bond too fast with cast films in warmer conditions.

Rapid Tac

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