EdgeTabs Adhesive Grommets


  • Square shape for corners and edges
  • Ideal for banners and posters
  • Neck loop and centre hole mounts
  • Clear
  • Tab size: 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Multi-month durability

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Banner Ups® EdgeTabs® are constructed from a high strength polyethelyne-based composite film and backed with adhesive. This method provides a simple, economical, and strong banner mounting alternative to grommets. No sewing or grommeting tools are required. EdgeTabs® are square and can be used on corners and edges. The clear construction produces invisibly reinforced banner mounts. These tabs are equally well suited for banners, posters, and pop up banner stand corners.

EdgeTabs® are sized and priced between PowerTabs® and Mini PowerTabs®. This product provides a neck loop and a centre hole for two different suspension options.

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