MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper Electric Tool
  • MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper Electric Tool

MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper Electric Tool

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  • Removes vinyl decals
  • Fast and easy
  • No paint or substrate damage
  • Removes 35 - 50 sq.ft. per hour
  • Uses special rubber eraser wheels



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The MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper is an incredibly useful tool for sign shops. Using specially formulated rubber eraser wheels, this tool removes old vinyl and adhesive without damaging paint or harming the substrate.


This tool has two distinct advantages over a generic angle grinder tool. First, the rotation speed is optimized for vinyl removal. It operates at a lower rpm than a grinder. Second, the wheel is perfectly aligned with the handles. This prevents any twisting torque that would otherwise make the tool try to jump out of your hands.


The MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper works in a wide variety of situations: single or multiple layers, old or new vinyl, hot or cold weather. This tool can strip 35 - 50 square feet of vinyl per hour. With the proper technique, most adhesive will come off with the vinyl. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with vinyl removal fluids. Don't allow the Vinyl Zapper to remain in one spot as the resulting excessive heat could damage the surface.


See the MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper in action.


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  • For MBX 3200 Vinyl Zapper
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  • Removes 35 - 50 sq. ft. per hour
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