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Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades - 100pk
  • Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades - 100pk

Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades - 100pk

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  • Yellow = hard & rigid
  • Blue = medium hardness & rigidity
  • Orange = soft & pliable - general purpose
  • 100 blades/pk

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Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades are design to scrape and clean surfaces that might get damaged by metal blades. They're great for removing old vinyl and adhesive residue. Alternatively, they're useful for scraping hard bits off of glass in preparation for window tint or vinyl graphics. These double-edged razor blades come in packs of 100.

Tip: Spray water or a mild solvent on the substrate and scrape with mild pressure.

Colour Hardness Flexibility Recommended Use
Yellow Hard Rigid Hard, flat surfaces
Blue Medium Medium Hard, uneven surfaces
Orange Soft Flexible

General Purpose

- Auto paint

-Slightly curved surfaces

The yellow blades, made of acrylic, are the hardest and most rigid. Use them for scraping hard, flat surfaces like glass, metal, granite, marble, unfinished wood, and other rigid substrates.

The blue blades, made of polycarbonate, are of medium hardness and rigidity. Use them for scraping hard, uneven surfaces including soft metal, fiberglass, tile, bathtubs, gaskets, and other uneven substrates.

The orange blades, made of generic plastic, are the softest and most flexible. Use them for general purpose scraping. They are suitable for auto paint, finished wood, painted surfaces, other plastics, and slightly curved surfaces.


Data sheet

Material Details Yellow: Acrylic | Blue: Polycarbonate | Orange: Plastic

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  • 1 1/2" wide
  • Sharp plastic ideal for removing vinyl
  • Scrapes without scratching
  • Fits GAP ScrapeRite™ holder
  • 100 blades
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  • 4" wide
  • Plastic construction
  • Two cutting edges
  • Ideal for removing old vinyl graphics
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  • 100 single-sided razor blades
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