Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO Starter Kit
  • Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO Starter Kit
  • Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO Starter Kit

Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO Starter Kit

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  • 4 yellow corner clamps
  • 11 metal staples
  • Canvas trimmer
  • Replacement OLFA blades

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Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO Starter Kit contains the necessary tools for this fantastically simple canvas stretching and framing system. The 4 yellow corner clamps hold stretcher bars in position while aligning the canvas print. These corner clamps have some wiggle room where the stretcher bar meet. This ensures the ultimate alignment. Additionally, cutting slits provide an easy guide for prepping the canvas. The 11 metal staples are extra because they have a habit of disappearing. The trimmer conveniently trims the edges of the canvas without the need for a cutting mat or protected work surface.


Watch the Stick & Stretch 1500 PRO series framing system in action.


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  • Designed for fabric hems
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