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Avery® SP e-Lite i Interior Window Film
  • Avery® SP e-Lite i Interior Window Film
  • Avery® SP e-Lite i Interior Window Film
  • Avery® SP e-Lite i Interior Window Film

Avery® SP e-Lite i Interior Window Film

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  • Lets in lots of visible light
  • Maintains original exterior appearance
  • Reduces solar heat
  • Interior installation
  • Full roll is 100ft

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Avery Dennison® SP e-Lite i Interior is a spectral selective window film. It's a bit of a magician. It rejects solar energy by reducing invisible light on both ends of the visible light spectrum (infrared and UV). Surprisingly, however, it still lets in lots of natural daylight.

SP e-Lite i has two main purposes and advantages over regular dual reflective window films: interior brightness and exterior appearance. By allowing greater visible light transmission than other window tint, this film keeps interior spaces bright and airy. Sunlight has been shown to improve mood and help regulate circadian rhythms. It also reduces the need electric lighting. These features are beneficial for residential buildings such houses, apartments, and dormitories. Extra light can also be advantageous in schools, classrooms, libraries, and offices.

SP e-Lite i window film does not discernibly alter the exterior appearance of windows. It doesn't produce a mirror effect. This characteristic is great for heritage and historic buildings. No tacky combination of modern-looking glass with centuries' old architecture. SP e-Lite i reduces solar heat gain while keeping the original appearance of the building. Rejecting solar heat is particularly helpful when old buildings have outdated, undersized, or non-existent cooling systems.

This spectrally selective window film blocks 99% of UV light. This slows the fading process of fabrics, paint, and other delicate items. This material also has low reflectivity, which preserves visibility to the outside both day and night.

This is an interior window film. It applies to the interior side of windows. It is ideal for retrofits and remodels.

Optical & Solar Properties

SP e-Lite 45i
Pane   Single Double
Visible Light Transmitted 44% 40%
Visible Light Reflected (Interior) 12% 14%
Visible Light Reflected (Exterior) 17% 23%
Ultraviolet Block 99% 99%
Total Solar Energy Reflected 24% 26%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 26% 23%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 50% 51%
Emissivity (Room Side) 0.83 0.83
Glare Reduction 51% 50%
Selective Infrared Reduction (SIRR) 86% 86%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER) 69% 69%
Shading Coefficient 0.47 0.58
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (G-Value) 0.41 0.48
U-Value Winter (IP) 1.04 0.48
U-Value Winter (SI) 5.88 2.72
Luminous Efficacy 0.94 0.69
Total Solar Energy Rejected (%) 59% 49%

SP e-Lite 70i
Pane   Single Double
Visible Light Transmitted 66% 61%
Visible Light Reflected (Interior) 15% 18%
Visible Light Reflected (Exterior) 16% 21%
Ultraviolet Block 99% 99%
Total Solar Energy Reflected 23% 25%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 36% 33%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 41% 42%
Emissivity (Room Side) 0.73 0.73
Glare Reduction 27% 25%
Selective Infrared Reduction (SIRR) 87% 87%
Infrared Energy Rejection (IRER) 71% 71%
Shading Coefficient 0.55 0.64
Solar Heat Gain Coeff. (G-Value) 0.48 0.56
U-Value Winter (IP) 0.98 0.46
U-Value Winter (SI) 5.59 2.64
Luminous Efficacy 1.20 0.95
Total Solar Energy Rejected (%) 52% 44%

Data sheet

Film Type Window Film / Tint
Material PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
Colour Neutral
Finish Gloss
Adhesive Details Dry, water activated
Adhesive Colour Clear
Release Liner Siliconized PET
Recom. Applications For high visible light transmission and high heat rejection - popular for historical buildings and house window tint
Available Lengths Full roll is 100ft
Available Widths (in inches) 48, 60, 72

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