• RollePro
  • RollePro
  • RollePro


  • Dense, heat-resistant foam roller
  • For rivets and contours
  • Fast, easy vinyl application
  • Ergonomic handle

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The RollePro is designed for applying vinyl graphics over rivets and contours. This conformable roller substantially increases both the speed and ease vinyl applications. Although designed for riveted surfaces, RollePro also works on diamond plate steel, louvered vents, corrugations, and ridges. Using 3M licensed technology, this tool's main feature is its dense, heat-resistant foam roller wheel. RollePro eliminates the need to puncture holes in vinyl films.



Three Easy Steps for Rivet Applications

  1. Leave an open, un-squeegeed air channel over the row of rivets or around any contoured surface
  2. Use a heat gun, preferably a torch, to heat the loose vinyl to about 100°C
  3. Run the RollePro down the vinyl in one smooth motion


Installing Air-Egress Digital Prints

For laminated, air-egress digital prints, some installers use a slightly different technique. Rather than leaving an open channel over the rivets by squeegeeing on both sides, begin by squeegeeing up to a row of rivets, leaving all of the vinyl on the other side of the row un-squeegeed. Next roll over the film with the RollePro. Repeating the procedure, squeegee over to the next row and then roll over the film-covered rivets once again. This innovative technique provides much more room for the air to flow out. Additionally, it prevents problems that can occur if the channel inadvertently touches the substrate and blocks the air from escaping.

-from Jim Hingst, Hingst's Sign Post


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